Meal Frequency And Its Effects On Muscle Gain


Meal Frequency And Its Effects On Muscle Gain

Meal frequency is the amount of meals you consume over a day at specific intervals. The optimal strategy is to eat small more frequent meals, as many as you can in a day.

The best results come when you consume 6-7 meals a day spread out every two hours or so.

For example, if you are consuming a total of 4,490 calories during the day you would do this:

4,490 calories / 6 meals = 748 calories per meal or you could do it by grams whichever one is easier for you.

Meal frequency keeps your metabolism running at high speeds to ensure the nutrients are being used for your muscles and minimum fat being stored.

What a lot of people don’t know is this is the one secret behind all of the successful transformations of a famous “contest”. They all used different supplements but everyone of them started eating at least 5-6 frequent meals a day.

It also continuously supplies your body with amino acids and other nutrients.

Some general tips on consuming so many calories:

It’s easier to drink calories than eat them. When you make a weight gain shake based on your daily calorie intake try to make at least 3 of your meals from them so you can still eat the other ones fairly easy.

Buy some milk thistle, which you can get pretty cheap at Wal-Mart or a drug store. It contains an ingredient called selenium, which can dramatically increase your appetite.

Spread your meals apart. For example, have breakfast at 6 a.m. and begin spreading the rest of your meals over the day.

What To Do Now?

  1. Buy your Accu-measure and find out your body fat percentage and lean body mass.
  2. Fill in the worksheet in the Bonus Fast Start Guide to get your total calories, protein, carbs, and fat requirements.
  3. Workout out your weight gain shakes according to your numbers, which will make up 3-4 of your meals.
  4. Subtract the remaining calories and divide by 2-3 to find out how many calories each of your real meals will have.
  5. Get the book

    Finding out your targeted daily nutritional goals

    Step 1: Find out your body fat percentage with an Accu-measure skin caliper. You should have already done this step with the worksheet at the end of the finding out your body fat section. You will need those figures to plug in these formulas.

    Step2: _______________ x _______________ = _______________     Total Bodyweight     Body Fat (Decimal)      Total Fat Mass


    150 lbs. (Total Bodyweight) X .10 (10% body fat converted to decimal form) = 15 lbs. of total fat mass

    Step 3: _______________ – _______________ = ______________              Total Bodyweight        Total Fat Mass        Lean Body Mass


     150 lbs. (Total Bodyweight) – 15 lbs.(Total fat mass) = 135 lbs. (Lean Body Mass)

    Step 4: ______________ x 10 + 1500 = ___________________              Lean Body Mass                          Resting Metabolic Rate


     135 lbs. (Lean Body Mass) x 10 + 1500=2850 calories (Resting Metabolic Rate)

    Step 5: _______________ x ______________ = ________________              Resting Metabolic       Activity Factor          Total Calories To                       Rate                                                  Stay Same Weight

    Activity Index


    2850 calories(Resting Metabolic Rate) x 1.4 (Activity Factor)=3990 (Total Calories Required to Stay the Same Weight)

     Step 6: _______________ + 500 = ________________________               Total Calories To              Targeted Daily Calorie Intake              Stay Same Weight        Example:

     3990 calories (Total Calories Required to Stay the Same Weight) + 500= 4490 calories (Targeted Daily Calorie Intake)

    Finding out your protein requirements

    Step 1: _______________ x 2.5 grams/lb. = ___________________               Total Body Mass                                Total Protein Grams                                                                                   Per Day Example:

     150 lbs. (Total Body Mass) x 2.5 grams/lb. = 375 grams of protein per day

    Step 2: ______________ x 4 Cal/Gram of Protein = _____________                 Total Protein                                                 Total Protein                   Grams/Day                                                     Calories


    375 grams of protein per day x 4 calories per gram of protein = 1500 calories of protein

    Finding out your fat requirements

    Step 1: __________________  x .15 __________________              Targeted Daily Calorie             Total Fat Calories                         Intake

     Example: 4490 calories x .15 =674 Total Fat calories

     Step 2: _______________ / 9 calories per fat gram = ____________              Total Fat Calories                                            Total Grams Of            Fat

     Example: 674 Total Fat Calories/ 9 =75 grams of fat

    Finding out your carbohydrate requirements

    Step 1: __________ – __________ – ___________ = ____________               Targeted       Total Protein       Total Fat            Total Carb             Daily Intake        Calories           Calories              Calories

    Example:  4490 Targeted daily calories – 1500 calories of protein – 674 calories of fat = 2316 calories of carbs

    Step 2: _______________ / 4 calories per gram = _______________             Total Carb Calories                                        Total Grams Of                                                                                           Carbs

    Example:  2316 calories of carbs / 4 calories of carbs per gram = 579 grams of carbs

    Total Amount of Carbs, Fats, Protein, and Calories for the Day (Get Totals From Each Section And Place Here So You Know What To Eat Each Day)

    Total Calories of each

    Targeted Daily Calorie Intake _____________   Total Protein Calories for the Day _____________   Total Carbohydrate Calories for the Day  _____________

    Total Fat Calories for the Day _____________

    Total Grams of Each _____________

    Total Grams of Protein _____________   Total Grams of Fat _____________   Total Grams of Carbohydrates _____________   Total Calories per Meal  _____________ (Targeted Calories / 6 meals per day)

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